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Springtime is Here – Can You Feel the Sunshine?

The days are getting warmer here in Oregon. It’s been a long winter, and we are preparing to put on our flip flops and feel that sunshine. Natural light is therapeutic and has immediate positive effects on stress, blood pressure, and the immune system. There is nothing quite like the feeling of the wilderness, and connecting to the raw, natural land around you. It just makes us feel good, and…


Ready to get WILD? Your adventure into the wild starts here

Spring is officially here and that means a lot is happening on the Rogue River. With the abundant variety of wildlife that inhabits both the river and its banks, there is always something wild to see on your adventure! Here in our river, you will find a wide array of aquatic life. We have anadromous fish like the Steelhead which is born here on the Rogue, spend most of their…


Why Choose Us

Choose Morrisons For Your Whitewater River Rafting Adventure Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures & Lodge knows the Rogue River inside and out. We have rafted the wild Rogue River for over 50 years, and our guides know every rapid, turn, twist, secret spot and hidden gem these thrilling waters provide. Other outfitters travel several rivers, but Morrisons offers whitewater rafting trips exclusively on the Rogue River. That means Morrisons specializes in…

Coronavirus Updates

Updated 7/20/20 As part of our Morrisons family, we have designated this as a place for updates about our upcoming season to share what measures we are taking in response to COVID-19. Our hearts go out to each of you who has been personally affected by the global crisis of COVID-19. We believe that by working together and reaching out in kindness to those around us, we will find hope…

June20 Blog Post

March Offer – 2020

This limited-time offer expires on 3/31/20. Save now on our popular 3-day camp trips. A unique vacation that takes you through 40 miles of the Wild & Scenic Section of the Rogue River, featuring over 20 class II-IV rapids. Spend your days floating on a raft or single person kayak and your nights under the stars at our complete and comfortable riverside camps. Includes all meals, rafting gear, camping gear,…


We’re Already Dreaming of Summer

As Oregonians, we are used to weather that can’t make up its mind. In fact, if you don’t like the current weather, they say, “Wait an hour, it’ll change!”. However, in the heart of winter, the chill is really starting to set in! Many folks are ready for spring to start already. Then there is us of course, the Morrisons crew and you diehard summer fans out there, that can't…


February Offer – 2020

This limited-time offer expires on 2/28/20. Save now on a unique vacation that takes you through 40 miles of the Wild & Scenic Section of the Rogue River, featuring over 20 class II-IV rapids. Your days are spent floating on a raft or single person kayak with stops for riverside lunch and visits to historic sites and side creek swim holes. Spend a night under the stars, at our complete…


Trade Shows in 2020

Join the Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures team for an action-packed weekend at an Expo in your area. Our team will be showcasing the amazing lineup of Rogue River adventures we are offering in 2020, so come on down and enjoy the best of Southern Oregon's outdoor recreation industry! 5044


Bend Magazine – On the Rogue Again

A Weekend Getaway on the Rogue River. Writer, Kim Cooper, ventures with her family on a whitewater experience like no other. Read her account from enjoying our four-course dinner overlooking the river to enjoying our half-day morning raft trip through Hellgate Canyon. A gallery of their trip, as well as some additional photos by excellent photographer Alex Jordan.   Bend Magazine Article     Looking for whitewater thrills? Morrisons Rogue Wilderness…