Photo of Trenten Davis

Trenten Davis



Trenten was born and raised in the beautiful Rogue Valley and resides in Grants Pass with his wife and 2 ½-year-old daughter. Raised to love everything Mother Earth offers, he passes his affections along to everyone he meets. A local chef for 10 years, he’s ready to spend his summers outside and away from a hot kitchen. This will be his first year guiding with Morrison’s, although he’s spent eight summers taking 4-5 trips a year down the Wild and Scenic Corridor with family and friends. He has logged an untraceable number of miles along the Wild and Scenic Trail, from trail runs after setting up camp, to six years of multi-day, self-supported hikes through the Corridor. Trent is in his comfort zone doing any outdoor sport in the snow, rain or sunshine — and his gear is proof! He’s excited to join the Morrison’s family and can’t wait to make awesome new friends this summer.