Photo of Torrin Bailey Saucy Torrin Bailey Saucy Guide

Torrin was born and raised off the grid in the small, coastal hills town of Willamina. From the time he could swim, Torrin’s dad took him and his brothers rafting across Oregon. Once he turned 18, Torrin started guiding on the lower Deschutes and the Santiam. From there, he explored more rivers across the northwest. He loves to work as a guide because of the awesome experiences it provides, which he then shares with his clients. In addition to guiding, Torrin enjoys a variety of hobbies, from any sort of water sport to mountaineering and climbing.

Photo of Patrick Brennan Patrick Brennan Guide

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Patrick moved to Oregon about five years ago to pursue school. He recently graduated from Oregon State University (Go Beavers!) with a degree in Natural Resources. Patrick has a great appreciation for nature and loves talking about the natural attributes, flora and fauna along the river, especially birds and geological features. This will be his third season rowing for Morrisons, and he can’t wait to be back on his favorite river. Aside from the Rogue, he has also rafted the McKenzie, North Umpqua, and South Santiam. Outside of rafting, Patrick is an avid disc golfer and loves to fish in Oregon’s bountiful rivers.

Greg Contreras Guide

Greg loves the Rogue. He is from the Rogue Valley and started working on the Rogue when he was 18. He loves being on the water and feels lucky to have the chance to share the awesomeness of the Rogue River with other people.

Photo of Christian Crook Christian Crook Guide

Christian grew up in Michigan, where he was surrounded by lakes and rivers. He has a huge love for the outdoors and all things nerdy — just ask about his “Lord of the Rings” tattoo! He moved to New Zealand in 2015 and has been working as a stargazing guide and a ‘funyak’ rafting guide on an easy class 1-2 river. Recently, Christian started to dabble in the whitewater scene and is looking forward to the thrills of working on a more exciting river.

Photo of Trenten Davis Trenten Davis Guide

Trenten was born and raised in the beautiful Rogue Valley and resides in Grants Pass with his wife and 2 ½-year-old daughter. Raised to love everything Mother Earth offers, he passes his affections along to everyone he meets. A local chef for 10 years, he’s ready to spend his summers outside and away from a hot kitchen. This will be his first year guiding with Morrison’s, although he’s spent eight summers taking 4-5 trips a year down the Wild and Scenic Corridor with family and friends. He has logged an untraceable number of miles along the Wild and Scenic Trail, from trail runs after setting up camp, to six years of multi-day, self-supported hikes through the Corridor. Trent is in his comfort zone doing any outdoor sport in the snow, rain or sunshine — and his gear is proof! He’s excited to join the Morrison’s family and can’t wait to make awesome new friends this summer.

Photo of Bama Stephen Dennis Bama Stephen Dennis Guide

Originally from Alabama, Stephen feels right at home on the waters of the Rogue. Better known as “Bama”, Stephen’s journey as a guide started seven years ago on the Rogue River. Stephen has been fortunate to experience many rivers and has had quite an interesting career path. He’s led trips on the Dart River in New Zealand, been a divemaster for scuba and managed farms in California and Hawaii. He is a true lover of the outdoors!

Photo of Gabby Emerick Gabby Emerick Guide

Gabby is drawn to nature and the outdoors. The Rogue has stolen her heart, and she enjoys spending summer nights under the stars on the beaches of the river. She loves the Rogue so much she left her home river, the Arkansas River, located in Colorado. She has committed her life to whitewater adventures because when it comes to river experiences, she believes you can never have enough. There is always more to do, learn and see on the water.

Photo of Mel Feltmate Mel Feltmate Guide

Mel, originally from New York, moved to the Caribbean to teach environmental sciences. But after six years, she decided to trade in her warm, turquoise, ocean water for cold, green, river water and hasn’t looked back! For the last five years, she has shared her love of the outdoors by splashing grown-up kids and skipping stones with little munchkins on rivers across the nation. When she’s not on the water you’ll find her practicing yoga, telling “Dad jokes” and blowing bubbles.

Photo of Chris Garcia Chris Garcia Guide

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Chris has lived out West for the past 11 years. Chris has guided for 10 years and worked in many places around the world: Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. He loves everything the Rogue River offers and enjoys sharing it with Morrison’s guests. When Chris is not on the river, he’s probably soaring above the Applegate and Rogue valleys. An avid paraglider, Chris spends the winter months following the flyable weather around the globe.

Photo of Ryan Garn Ryan Garn Guide

Ryan hails from southern Arizona. He has been rafting since 2006, when his father acquired a winter Grand Canyon permit and bought a beaten up bucket boat raft after suffering a knee injury that left him unable to enjoy backpacking. Ryan has participated in and led several raft expeditions through the Grand Canyon National Park, and rowed the Salt River Canyon in Arizona, Desolation and Gray Canyons on the Green River in Utah, the Lower Salmon in Idaho, and eastern Oregon’s Grande Ronde. In 2018, seeking a change from the desert heat and yearning for more water to hone his boating skills in, Ryan took a job at Paradise Lodge on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River. He immediately fell in love with the Rogue’s mysterious charm. He is excited to spend his debut season as a professional guide with Morrison’s! When he isn’t rafting or trying to master his kayak roll, Ryan is exploring and taking in Oregon’s beautiful backcountry, enjoying coffee and polemical non-fiction, or expanding his culinary skills.

Joe Gurzi Guide

Joe grew up in Grants Pass and graduated from North Valley High School. This is his third year guiding on the Rogue River for Morrison’s. Joe recently received his real estate license, so when he’s not on the water, he helps people find their dream homes.

Photo of Joshua Blu Gutierrez Joshua Blu Gutierrez Guide

A Southern Oregon native, Joshua has the outdoors in his blood and enjoys sports year round. A self-professed “gear head” or “gram weenie”, he enjoys mountaineering, packrafting, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, bikepacking, rafting, and long distance hikes. Joshua has the gear, knowledge, and maps to do it all. He’s also a strong believer that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear! He’s excited to join the Morrison’s team and share his love of Southern Oregon and the river to guests.

Photo of Russell Heard Russell Heard Guide

Russell has spent most of his life around the water. After 8 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, he moved to the Rogue Valley in ’95 and began kayaking and rafting the local rivers in 2001. Russell started guiding in 2006, starting with half-day trips and working up to his ultimate goal of guiding multi-day trips on the Wild and Scenic section of the Lower Rogue. You can often find Russell taking in the river, cooking up some good eats, or playing his guitar. Go ahead and ask him questions about local history; he may even remember some of it. Come meet Russell on the Rogue River!

Photo of Ted Helvoigt Ted Helvoigt Guide

Ted began his rafting career on the New and Gauley rivers in West Virginia in the early 1990s. He moved west soon after. He’s been guiding for nearly 30 years, and 2019 will be his 27th year guiding on the Rogue River. In his regular life, Ted lives in Eugene and works as an economist. He is also the proud father of three beautiful girls.

Photo of Aharon Hook Aharon Hook Guide

A Grants Pass local, Aharon is 20 years old and has rafted with Morrison’s for three years. During the school year, he’s busy with his college classes. He’s famous for his jokes exploiting the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings…no pun intended! He’s a famous shower-singer, singing Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing”, with the dance moves to go along with it! Aharon is a goofy and outgoing guy who believes there’s nothing better than being on the mighty Rogue River all day. The river animal he relates to is a Black Bear, but his astrological animal is a Sea-Goat. Aharon is a fun and personable guide who enjoys showing the river to everyone.

Photo of Patrock Joanis Patrock Joanis

Patrick loves the outdoors! In addition to his time as a guide, he also enjoys hunting and fishing. As a child, Patrick spent summers in Alaska fishing and exploring. He has a lot of experience on the river, including 4 ½ years commercial guiding out of Bend, and a handful of private trips. Commercially, he also ran the North Umpqua, McKenzie, Lower Deschutes and the Big Eddie section of the Upper Deschutes. But Patrick fell in love when he rowed the multi-day section of the Rogue last October. During the winter, he spends a month or two exploring Baja and surfing when he sees his parents, who live in Mexico. Patrick is also the proud father of Wyatt, a 3 ½-year-old lab. He’s excited to spend more time on the water as a private boater and see as many rivers as he can.

Photo of Forrest Parkinen Forrest Parkinen Guide

Born and raised in southern California, Forrest always loved the water and the outdoors, but never had the chance to discover the magic of rivers. While living in Flagstaff, he fell in love with the rivers of the desert southwest and the multi-day adventures that they provided. From that moment on, he was hooked. He spent the last four summers in Colorado chasing whitewater in the Rockies, but this summer he’s excited to return to his multi-day roots, explore a new place, and enjoy many starry nights beside the water.

Photo of Bob Rafalovich Bob Rafalovich Guide

Bob Rafalovich was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. Though he is old enough to know better, he has been a raft guide for 43 seasons! Bob is the guy who started Rogue Wilderness Adventures in the early 1970s and operated it for 32 years. He is a voracious Virgo, who enjoys rafting on the Rogue River. Be it oars or paddles, low water or high water, history or biology, Bob is a knowledgeable guide. He enjoys the imaginative game of Cosmic Volleyball on the river, and you will see him up early for his morning coffee. If Bob were stranded on a desert island he would bring a hammock to relax in. Bob, being a seasoned boatman, is at the top of the food chain. You will find him on numerous lodge trips, camping trips, and fishing trips, and you can guarantee that he will be the first one up. If you cannot find Bob on the water rafting, he may be in his drift boat guiding fishing trips on the Rogue River. Bob’s life has been about the Rogue River for many decades. The river is dear to his heart, and he is a legend on the Rogue. If you get Bob in your boat, consider yourself very lucky. Come join Captain Bob on the Rogue River.

David Ruch Guide

David is from East Tennessee and lived just outside the Smoky Mountains National Park. He grew up surrounded by many great whitewater rivers, but only went rafting once before training as a guide. He was fortunate to travel the world, guiding all sorts of adventure activities, working on some amazing rivers and creating lifelong memories. David has been guiding since 2003 and is excited about working multi-day river trips for the first time. Spending several days on the Rogue River with a great team and fun guests will make for an amazing, unforgettable season filled with new experiences.

Photo of Micah Schauermann Micah Schauermann Guide

Micah “Yakadoo” Schauermann grew up in Astoria, Oregon, and is the 9th of 13 children. After six years in the Air Force, he moved back to the sunny part of Oregon. This is his first year as a commercial guide, but he’s been boating on the Rogue River for four years. Micah is incredibly excited to show Morrison’s guests the beauty of the Rogue River and share his love for the area. In his free time, he likes to gather around a warm fire, tell stories and laugh until it hurts. He also enjoys tinkering on cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Photo of Dan Tamburini Dan Tamburini Guide

Dan was born in Philadelphia and raised in Ocean City, New Jersey, where his passion for water sports developed. He’s an avid surfer, but was unsure how he was going to get his water fix when he moved to Colorado. Then he discovered the awesomeness of whitewater! Dan has been a guide for seven years and has guided in Colorado, Arizona, West Virginia, Washington, and Oregon. He loves adventure and the outdoors, and rafting provides both of these. He also enjoys fishing, surfing, and biking. He’s an all-around outdoor enthusiast.