Photo of Bob Rafalovich

Bob Rafalovich



Bob Rafalovich was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. Though he is old enough to know better, he has been a raft guide for 43 seasons! Bob is the guy who started Rogue Wilderness Adventures in the early 1970s and operated it for 32 years. He is a voracious Virgo, who enjoys rafting on the Rogue River. Be it oars or paddles, low water or high water, history or biology, Bob is a knowledgeable guide. He enjoys the imaginative game of Cosmic Volleyball on the river, and you will see him up early for his morning coffee. If Bob were stranded on a desert island he would bring a hammock to relax in. Bob, being a seasoned boatman, is at the top of the food chain. You will find him on numerous lodge trips, camping trips, and fishing trips, and you can guarantee that he will be the first one up. If you cannot find Bob on the water rafting, he may be in his drift boat guiding fishing trips on the Rogue River. Bob’s life has been about the Rogue River for many decades. The river is dear to his heart, and he is a legend on the Rogue. If you get Bob in your boat, consider yourself very lucky. Come join Captain Bob on the Rogue River.