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Photo of Derek Schreiner

Derek Schreiner

Multiday River Guide


This will be my 4th commercial season professionally. I got my start around Bozeman in the 4 rivers of the Missouri Water Headwater area: The Jefferson, Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone taking in all they had to offer. My first ever whitewater experience when I was 10 was on the Gallatin with Geyser Whitewater Adventures whom I worked for some 15 years later. I’ll never forget that first splash heading bow first into a wall of water. 
I feel most at home both communally  and personally when I’m on the river or in the mountains. I’ve found purpose and that same commitment of others around lays the foundation for sharing it with others protecting and preserving our wild natural spaces we all share.
I am a sponsored film snowboarding athlete with a project called Mountain In My Mind in the winter as well as a snowboard instructor at my home mountain Bridger Bowl. The film focuses on mental health journeys of the athletes, mountain communities and back country skiing communities as a whole. Its shaped a path into the world of mental health and how the outdoors can shape who we are.
We love what we do and work hard to be able to do it season after season. Between the unrelenting desire to find a home between river banks and my experience on the river both recreationally and professionally brings forth a great mix of goofiness and energy.