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Marcus Robles

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My name is Marcus Robles; I am a big strong gear boater who loves running huge boats with stacks that can barely be seen over. Boating is one of my biggest passions though I have only been rafting for the last few years of my life but have been running power boats since a child. I graduated high school in 2019 and got straight to work as a plumber. So when I am not on the river, I am always doing some sort of odd side job. I spend November to May working as a field engineer for a semiconductor company traveling around the CA bay area fixing chemical cabinets, and the whole time I’m there, I’m just wishing I was on the river. So when I get back to the rogue, it’s like a 6-month summer camp vacation. Morrisons is an awesome organization and I look forward to spending many seasons guiding for them.