Photo of Robert Ruckteschler

Robert Ruckteschler

River Guide


Although I don’t have any previous professional guiding history, I’ve been taking out friends and family fishing in ocean and river boats for the past 4 years. Last year while working for Lucas Lodge in Agness, Oregon, I had an older couple ask me to guide them down from Foster Bar to Lucas Bar in their kayaks while I lead the way in my pontoon raft. I assured them of their safety as they followed me through each section of the river stretch, offering them any tips, and they really appreciated my guidance through each little riffle/rapid. Arriving at the takeout, they told me they had thoroughly enjoyed my time and help down the river, I was proud to say it was my first little “unofficial” guiding trip. I choose to work as a river guide primarily because I believe in doing what you love in life, and I’ve always loved fishing and being on the water ever since I was a child. To think now I can do this full time as a career is a dream of mine I’ve had ever since I can remember. Something unique about myself is that I live to fish. I’ve loved fishing ever since I could pick up a rod and reel, and I could do it every day if I could. Completely diehard for it. One specific characteristic about myself that I know will help me do my job at MRWAL is that I don’t believe in doing jobs “halfway,” and I thoroughly enjoy providing quality customer service.