Morrisons River Guides stand out as the epitome of professionalism and expertise in guiding outdoor river trips. Each guide embodies a deep-rooted passion for nature and a profound love for the outdoors, making every journey with Morrisons an unforgettable experience. Our guides possess an unparalleled knowledge of the Rogue River, ensuring the enjoyment of every adventurer they lead. What truly sets Morrisons Guides apart is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and their genuine enthusiasm for sharing their expertise and fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world among their guests. With Morrisons River Guides, every trip becomes an immersive exploration where memories are made, bonds are formed, and the beauty of nature is cherished in its purest form.

Photo of Soren Peterson

Soren Peterson

Multiday River Guide


I started guided commercially on the White Salmon river in Washington. It was a great opportunity to get more familiar with paddle rafting and highly technical white water, but even then, I knew that multi-day trips were my element. This will be my second season guiding on the Rogue for Morrisons, and I couldn’t be happier.

Growing up, water has always been part of my life. Swimming, sailing, kayaking, and rafting were all part of my childhood. Rafting, in particular, is something that my family continues to do yearly. Suffice it to say: I love rafting. Guiding, for me, is an extension of that love. Not only do I get to work on the river, but I also get to share my joy for the river with others.

I am quite skilled at a classic Hungarian card game called Ulti which almost no one in the country knows how to play.

I am definitely a morning person. Waking up has never been a challenge for me. This means I am always ready with hot water and coffee (the most important item on the trip) in the mornings.