Why hassle with transporting rafts and large amounts of cumbersome equipment over long distances to do a river trip? Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures is located on the road to the Rogue River put-in! We’ll even deliver the gear to your put-in site. 

Our fleet of Rocky Mountain Rafts and our packages are designed specifically for multiple day trips on the Rogue River.

As soon as you secure your private river trip permit just give us a call at 800.336.1647 to reserve your rental package. Equipment shuttles are available to take your rental package and equipment to and from the river. In addition, we offer shuttle service to transport your vehicles to Foster Bar.

Deluxe Raft Package

  • 14 FT. Rocky Mountain Self Bailing Oar Raft
  • 4 -Type V PFD’s (personal flotation devices)
  • 1- Bow Line
  • Carries 4 People plus Gear
  • 1 – Custom Oar Frame with 2 Dry Boxes
  • 1 – 96 Quart Cooler
  • 3 – 9 FT. Sawyer Oars
  • 3 – Oar Locks
  • 4 – Dry Bags
  • 1 – Barrel Pump
  • 1 – Patch Kit
  • 1 – Baggage Board
  • 1 – Throw Rope (65+ feet)
  • 15 – Cam Straps
  • Add the Transportation Option: $40.00 put in fee at Almeda or Grave Creek. $270.00 take out at Foster Bar (up to 3 boats and 13 people) and back to Merlin. Car shuttle available too.
Picture of a blue deluxe raft packed.

Equipment You Can Add to Your Deluxe Package