Meals for Multi-Day Trips

Morrisons wants to make your time with us as relaxing as possible, so we provide you with hearty meals during our multi-day trips. Shown here are the types of meals we offer on our multi-day rafting trips. For camping trips, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, chosen from the meals listed below.

For hiking and lodge rafting trips, Morrisons supplies lunches, and the lodges provide breakfast and dinner; those meals can be found here.

Dining on a Camp-Raft Trip


Classic American breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns),

Bagel Bar,

and/or French toast breakfast with mixed berries and sausage


Asian chicken cabbage salad,

Deli sandwich buffet,

Taco buffet,

and/or Greek lunch


Dutch oven lasagna,

Surf and Turf,

BBQ chicken and pork tenderloin,

and/or Fajitas