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Check out our article in the press! We are proud of being recognized as a world-class rafting and adventure destination!


Rogue Wilderness: Small Business Proud

I AM SMALL BUSINESS PROUD – What is that? It sounds like a cheesy tag line developed for a credit card company or something. Well, you’re actually right. Two weeks ago I was approached by a marketing team out of New York to work on a project highlighting small businesses around the country. The format is for two documentary filmmakers to do a road trip across the country and document…


National Geographic: Best Adventure Companies on Earth

National Geographic Adventure – Rogue Wilderness Adventures made National Geographic Adventure Magazines’ “Best Adventure Companies on Earth” ranking. With full service rafting, hiking and fishing adventuress on the Rogue River, Rogue Wilderness Adventures provides “trips of a lifetime” for outdoor enthusiasts. To see our profile and ranking, visit the link below to see how we stack up with other outfitters in the world.  


Outside Magazine – 2013 Best Family Vacation…Ever

Outside Magazine - 'GREAT FAMILY ADVENTURES: ROGUE WILDERNESS ADVENTURES WHITEWATER RAFTING TRIP' Yes, we know: The family vacation is a much-parodied event, and perhaps rightfully so. But fumbles, foibles, and hassles aside, families keep taking them for the same good reason: They’re priceless sources of memories. Rogue Wilderness Adventures was rated in the top 50 Outside Magazine Great Family Adventures for 2013.


Northwest Travel Magazine – Rafting 101 Feature

Northwest Travel Magazine – “River guides have a special blend of skills. They must be knowledgeable, patient, hardworking and personable, all the while tiptoeing the line between professional and fun-loving. They somehow manage to flawlessly perform a delicately choreographed ballet down the river for four days: sending crew members ahead to scout for meal and camp locations, setting up, cooking and packing up—all in addition to guiding our rafts, monitoring the kayakers, sharing…


Rogue Wilderness Adventures Lodge to Lodge Hiking

AFAR Magazine – Lodge to Lodge Hiking trips in the July/August issue. Oregon’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures was the only North American trip featured. “Guides, all certified naturalists, ferry your luggage by raft from one remote lodge to the next. Every morning begins with a briefing on the day’s route. After a peaceful solo hike through the woods, your guides meet you along the trail for a picnic lunch. Each evening…


The Journal of the American Homebrewers Association

Zymurgy – The Journal of the American Homebrewers Association highlighted Rogue Wilderness Adventures Hoplicious Hiking and Micro Brew Trip. “Hikers will explore the Rogue River Trail by foot while being shadowed by a raft (in case tired feet win out and travelers want to float down the river for an exhilarating whitewater experience). At night around the campfire, after long hikes through the stunning terrain, Mark Vickery, formerly of Deschutes…