Rogue Wilderness: Small Business Proud

I AM SMALL BUSINESS PROUD – What is that? It sounds like a cheesy tagline developed for a credit card company or something. Well, you’re actually right. Two weeks ago I was approached by a marketing team out of New York to work on a project highlighting small businesses around the country.

The format is for two documentary filmmakers to do a road trip across the country and document the small business owners they meet on their travels. At first, I was apprehensive when they approached me, but quickly through some phone calls and emails, it seemed like a pretty legit project.

This year has been a real eye-opening experience for me in regard to recognizing the importance of small businesses in our country and our daily lives. I really didn’t pay much attention to where I shopped or to who I gave my money. When I think back, I’ve always favored the smaller mom-and-pop establishments compared to the big box mentality. However, now that I am a small business owner I have a much deeper appreciation for where dollars go and how that keeps our local economy moving forward.

Back in January, I was accepted to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative program at Babson College in Boston, MA. How I was accepted I’ll never know, but I basically was given the scholarship to go back to school and figure out how to run a successful company. I came out of the program absolutely blown away by what I learned and the amazing other business owners I got to meet during this three-month experience. If anything I’ve become an evangelist for small businesses.

So when Capital One Spark Card approached me a few weeks ago to work on the “I am small business proud” project, I was already drinking the Kool-Aid and wanted to get involved. I had a great time working with the filmmakers and I think they captured my sentiment well. Of course, when you watch yourself on film it’s always a little distracted by what I say, but overall I’m really happy with the outcome. I hope to work more with this group and some upcoming features focusing on small businesses in our country.

Please watch the video and let me know your thoughts on being small business proud.



All the best, Brad Niva- Contagious Entrepreneur