A Special Holiday Treat from Us to You!

A gift from us, and we know you will want to share it with your whole family.

The best gifts are memories that you can share!

Winter is here, the Rogue River is flowing and the weather is turning. These days we are enjoying nature from a safe and warm distance. We take the time to stay indoors, give thanks, and connect with our family and friends. Nature needs time to rest, and refill the lakes and streams, the weather changes its sunny disposition and storms rage through the valley. While it may be dark and dreary outside, we plan festive family and friends gatherings to get us through the cold and dark season.

The Hanten family’s first Christmas was perhaps their coldest and darkest. They had just relocated from across the country to Oregon, only to face the great flood of 1964, which left most of Morrisons Lodge underwater! That year they started many traditions and there is a particular one that we want to share with you this year. Of course, the Lodge stood strong through the flood and only needed a bit of restoration and repair. As the Hantens rebuilt the guest cottages, Elaine Hanten was also busy in the kitchen perfecting her Orange Roll recipe!

If you have tried them, then you already know that they are a mouth-watering experience. Their aroma is so enticing, the craving for a second one hits before you have even had the first! They come out of our ovens, warm, soft, and freshly baked that day. They are best warm, and that is how we recommend you serve them as well. They are the perfect combination of sticky, chewy, and sweet, and with that happy orange zing, you always want another! 
We wanted to share this special recipe with you so that you can fill your home with that warm summery feeling! Full of history and tradition, we thought this was the perfect gift that you can share as well. We hope that you love sharing it with your family, and when they take that first bite, you can tell them the story about the first time you adventured on the Rogue River and celebrated by sinking your teeth into one of Elaine Hanten’s Famous Orange Rolls at Morrisons Lodge.

Rolls ready for the oven in Morrisons' kitchen

Morrisons Famous Orange Rolls Recipe

Download the Recipe!

Experiences are what bring us together and our memories give us comfort when we are apart. Make some memories this year, and plan an adventure that will last forever! You could even bake a batch of these rolls, wrap them up and add a gift certificate for a group rafting or fishing trip under the tree this year. 

From our family to yours have a happy holiday season and a fantastic new year, we hope to see you next year out here on the Rogue River!