We’re Already Dreaming of Summer

As Oregonians, we are used to weather that can’t make up its mind. In fact, if you don’t like the current weather, they say, “Wait an hour, it’ll change!”. However, in the heart of winter, the chill is really starting to set in! Many folks are ready for spring to start already. Then there is us of course, the Morrisons crew and you diehard summer fans out there, that can’t wait to soak up some sun and spend some time on the river! We are missing that summer glow that comes from days spent adventuring on the Rogue!

The Wild and Scenic Rogue River calls to many of us. Good old Glen Wooldridge heard the call back in 1915 and built the first riverboat to make it down the Wild Rogue River. To this day we use Wooldridge-style boats for our fishing trips on the Rogue River. Even though Wooldridge spent time on many rivers including the Yukon River, the Klamath River, and many other wild rivers in Idaho and British Columbia, the Rogue River held a special place in his heart.

“The Rogue is a wild brawling river and you had better respect it. I craved fast white water like steelhead and tried lots of rivers like the Klamath, the Salmon River of No Return, Canadian rivers, etc., but for me, the Rogue beats them all.” – Glen Wooldridge.

fishing boat on the rogue

We have to agree with Glen Wooldridge on that one!

With his handmade wooden boat, adventurous determination, and some well-placed dynamite, Wooldridge not only advanced the boat technology needed to make it down the river, but he pioneered the actual path as well. To get a real look at this bit of history you can stop in at Rand Ranger Station and see one of the last boats that Glen Wooldridge made himself. His legacy and craftsmanship are carried on by the family business which still produces top-notch riverboats to this day!

Some of the rapids that you will see as you make your way down the Rogue were previously impassable by boat or raft. As you encounter boulders, some as big as a VW bug, rapids, and canyons, you will see what draws adventurers, hikers, and fishermen to this river. When you come through the class IV rapids at blossom bar, where the wild azaleas bloom, navigating through the “picket fence” of stones crossing the river, like Glen Wooldridge, you will fall in love with the Rogue River and all of its wildness.

If you are feeling that same craving for whitewater that inspired Glen Wooldridge, then what are you waiting for? It is time to book your 2020 adventure now! We have rafting and fishing dates still available. Make sure to get your spot reserved today while there is still space!

If you’re in the Pleasanton, California area on Feb 21-23, make sure to stop by the Fly Fishing Show to say hello and pick up a special show discount for your next adventure!