Coronavirus Updates

As part of our Morrisons family, we have designated this as a place for updates about our upcoming season to share what measures we are taking in response to COVID-19.

Our hearts go out to each of you who has been personally affected by the global crisis of COVID-19. We believe that by working together and reaching out in kindness to those around us, we will find hope and healing.

We believe strongly that the health and safety of our guests and staff is absolutely paramount and will continue to closely monitor the situation and adapt as needed to the ever-changing status. For those that have already booked a trip for the season, please read below for the best up-to-date information.  If you are looking to book a trip for this season we strongly advise booking a travel insurance policy immediately after booking your trip and looking into canceling for any reason coverage (CFAR) as that, in most policies, is the only coverage that would cover cancellation for COVID-19 related reasons.

Last year, we were very successful with our mitigating policies and implemented procedures.  It is possible for the protocols to evolve or change throughout the season as the advice from local, state, and federal officials evolves; however, we feel very comfortable and confident in our plans of operations.

Regarding the pandemic and your trip, we expect your trip to launch as planned.  If you have a trip booked with us we will be sending an email around 30 days prior to your trip with any updates or changes.  If you are the trip leader, please relay updates and/or changes to your group accordingly.  

Expect a verbal screening when you arrive for your trip.  If you are booked with us on a Rafting, Fishing, or Hiking adventure, you will receive more info about this.   All clients will be required to pass a verbal screening upon arrival before being allowed to join a trip.

On all trips please arrive with a face covering.  We require face coverings to be worn at all times while in our front desk office, in our company vehicles, in Morrisons’ public restrooms, and inside our lodge dining/bar area except when eating or drinking, at orientation if applicable, and where the full 6 ft of social distancing is challenging. 

All of our Lodge-based rafting trips will be leaving right from Morrisons Lodge to limit the need for van rides.  We offer a car shuttle option for the end of the trip. We recommend you strongly consider this service. For $140 we will shuttle your car from the launch point to the takeout so you never need to ride in our van.   For more information on booking your vehicle shuttle: https://wildrogue.com/rogue-river-shuttles/

Morrisons is still adhering to our regular cancellation policies. Because things are changing so rapidly, we strongly recommend that guests that have not or are new bookings purchase trip insurance through a legitimate provider that includes Pandemic related issues. 

When our social interaction returns to normal, experiencing the outdoors with loved ones will be an important part of the recovery process, providing people with a sense of connection, interaction, and celebration. We encourage all our employees and guests to follow government directives and the CDC so that we might soon return to explore the healing nature of the Rogue River

For more detail on what measures we are taking in response to COVID-19, please refer to the documents below.

RWA Notice of Covid 19 Self Screening

WROA Operation Plan Covid19 22