Rafting the Rogue River in Style

Morrisons puts our trust – and people – in SOTAR inflatable rafts and kayaks.

When you arrive at Morrisons for a whitewater rafting adventure, you hear the rush of the water as your feet crunch into the nearby shoreline. With each step, your heart beats faster with adrenaline. It’s almost time. You strap on a life jacket and greet your friendly guide, who is already regaling you with tales of their river adventures. As you step into the raft, you’re beaming with excitement.

That’s because Morrisons uses SOTAR boats. They have the best inflatable rafts, kayaks, and whitewater equipment you’ll find in Southern Oregon — or anywhere else!

When we go out on the water for a multi-day whitewater trip, we place our guides and guests in SOTAR equipment because we know their boats, rafts, and kayaks have been built to perform at the highest level and take the hardest hits the Rogue River offers. Morrisons partners with SOTAR and uses their boats for two simple reasons:

  1. Their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  2. They excel at building quality whitewater equipment.

Industry Pioneers

With nearly 40 of wisdom, knowledge, and experience, SOTAR has designed and built industry-changing whitewater equipment.

Did you know they built the first boats with self-bailing floors?

Morrisons admires SOTAR’s gumption and creativity! Because the innovation of self-bailing floors is now the industry standard. We all have SOTAR to thank for that.

But let’s get to the nuts and bolts of why SOTAR whitewater equipment is the best. In addition to creating those self-bailing floors, SOTAR has had several industry firsts:

  • Thermo-welded seams
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty Urethane/Lexatron boat fabric
  • Continuous curve cataraft tube designs
  • No glue in the construction of their boats
  • Inflatable rafts, kayaks, tubes, frames, and much more…

We ♥ Local

Morrisons has traveled and showcased the Wild & Scenic Rogue River for more than 40 years. Part of the reason we use SOTAR inflatable rafts is that they’re a local Southern Oregon company built on a dream and elbow grease.

Co-founder Glenn Lewman started SOTAR in a garage nearly 40 years ago. In addition to providing Morrisons with quality boats, they design boats for their customers in whatever color combinations, sizes, or options you want. They’re also able to custom-build 6-8 rafts, cats, and kayaks per week.

Additionally, SOTAR can outfit your entire whitewater trip. Check out their retail store in Merlin for their latest merchandise.

When you’re looking for that unforgettable Rogue River adventure, Morrisons and SOTAR have your back. With over 70 years of combined experience, you’ll love riding the waves in their boats while in the capable hands of our guides.

Ready to jump in a SOTAR raft and join Morrisons for a whitewater river rafting trip? Explore your options with Morrisons and see what adventures await you.