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Our blog entries about the culture and nature of the area and our wonderful family here at Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures.


The Gift of Adventure

Are you looking for that perfect gift? Well, the science of gift-giving has a simple solution to help you find it! Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University found that experiences are the spice of life for three main reasons: Experiential purchases enhance social relations more readily and effectively than material goods. Experiential purchases form a bigger part of a person's identity. Experiential purchases are evaluated more on their own terms…


Experience the Undiminished Beauty of Oregon

Stay & Play: Your Southern Oregon Vacation Planner Don't Miss These Unforgettable Stops On Your Next Trip There is so much to do in Southern Oregon! Exploring the forest, trails, and tributaries of the Rogue River near Morrisons Lodge includes enough fun to keep the whole family entertained for weeks. But if you’re in the planning stages of your next hiking, rafting, or fishing adventure with us, there are a…


Did Last Year’s Wildfires Impact the Rogue River?

Contrary to what you may have heard, our views are unaffected. Wildfires in Southern Oregon are no joke. The effects of last year’s Klondike and Taylor Creek fires are still being felt by local businesses, landowners, and outdoor enthusiasts. There’s no denying the implications warmer summers and drier winters are having on our forests, but there are a few things you should know about what you’ll find when you visit…


Experience the Beauty and History of the Rogue River Trail

Over a century ago the trails that are known today as the Rogue River National Recreational Trail were constructed for pack mules to supply miners searching for gold in Southern Oregon. Carved into rock cliffs, and sweeping down along the beautiful river, you can hike those same paths trekked by Chinook and Takelma Indians, American settlers and miners. Stretching over 40 miles from Grave Creek to Big Bend the trail provides the…


Southern Oregon: Home of the World’s Only Bigfoot Trap

Some say Sasquatch still roams the forests of the Rogue River Valley Whether you’re a true believer or staunch skeptic, the fact is that the world’s only known Bigfoot trap resides in the forest just a few miles from Applegate Lake in Southern Oregon. Built in 1974 by the North American Wildlife Research Team, the purpose of the trap was to prove the existence of the legendary bipedal hominid said…


The Lower Klamath Project – Restoring Our Beautiful Rivers

Protecting Our Waterways The Rogue River isn't the only one that needs protection in our region. There was a time when Oregon and Northern California rivers produced some of the highest populations of salmon in the world. Native tribes throughout the Pacific Northwest relied on them as a staple in their diet. Numerous cultural traditions were anchored by the abundance of the salmon harvest each year. Settlers appreciated the proliferation…


Remembering the 1964 Christmas Day Flood

The Rogue River and Morrisons Lodge Weren’t Spared. Known as one of the most severe rainstorms ever to occur in the state of Oregon, the Christmas Flood of 1964 came very close to destroying the beginnings of Morrisons Lodge. This historic event didn’t actually occur on just one day. Rather, it was the result of a series of storms between December 17, 1964, and January 7, 1965, that pummeled Oregon,…


Internationally Rare Half-pound Steelhead are Running

Morrisons Fall Fishing Trips Deliver! Although at Morrisons, we don’t think you need one more reason to get out and enjoy the pristine waters of the Rogue River, late September marks the beginning of a rare and thrilling opportunity. Most steelhead are born in the river and trek downstream to the ocean where they remain for several years before heading back to their spawning grounds. Half-pounders are another story. Found…